February 26, 2007 at 7:38 pm

Hi Peggy, This forum has become my best friend. I am 4 months out of dignosis for a very severe, very fast acting GBS. I am 62 and I have just gotten the feeling back in my legs, feet and hands in the past week. It comes so slowly you almost don’t realize it happened. Ali’s idea of a diary is a wonderful way to keep track of any improvement. The last two weeks have been horrible for me. It’s the “oh, woo is me syndrom” Plus alot of pain that wasn’t there before. My calves, lower back, and neck hurt. And my whole body feels like it is vibrating on the inside. And tomorrow, everything may change. Everyone on this forum is wonderful. I find reading all the info on this virus helps. Lots of love, laughter(which is very hard somedays) and prayer to you and your brother and all the rest of you with GBS. This too shall pass. And a small glass of wine in the evening helps.