June 21, 2008 at 3:57 am

ive talked to my neuro about the epidural and he didnt have anything to say about it. and now he is saying for some crazy reason that he has intention of testing me for gbs after the baby comes. all this time hes said he thinks it is gbs, and now he says i have absolutely no symptoms of gbs. im confused.

ive wondered myself, about the epidural, but so far, they all seem to think it is okay. i also have a lot of back problems, and ive heard women complain of chronic back pain after epidurals. i talked to my obgyn about that and he wasnt concerned. im hoping to see a new neuro at u of m before the baby, but im not sure that will happen. if it does, then i will ask him about the epidural issue, too.

thanks for your concern!