Elmo? Many ‘things’ is soo true.

January 19, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Sometimes you feel as IF YOU are the domino that starts some giant cascading elaborate pattern.
At times? Docs in one specialty simply ‘don’t know’ about impacts of one aspect of their specialty on other ‘specialties’. Worse yet? Once they graduate from med school, ‘keeping up’ with new developments in research, diagnosis and treatments are waay behind where the need is and should be.
We are either fortunate or not in what medical physicians we have access to where we live to get to the quick or roots of our problems.
And, further, YES! The odds? They are phenomenal when we encounter not only one but more auto-immune issues. Our bodies tend to try and ‘compensate’ for problems they really cannot compensate for without help. And we usually aren’t able to get that help until a lot of damage is done.
Finding the causes isn’t that easy, tho you mite be able to figure out what started the dominoes to fall? The body is complex and can change it’s mind as to how to deal with it’s problems. Some are fixable either thru various meds and treatments, or surgeries? Others not so likely.
More important is to get help that enables you to NOT go crazy with pain!
Even then, choices are rather limited so far.
Yes, you are close to target, but key here? IS what does THAT get for you?
THAT is the most important thing for you – to get that right treatment you need…if it can be gotten. I truly hope and more that you find your help and soon. No one person should endure what we often do, with few options and no cures. Hugs always! – homeagain