Ellis Hospital may be your answer

October 29, 2007 at 2:26 pm

Hi Kayrus,
I know how frustrating it can get trying to get a Doctor to listen to you. 🙁 My symptoms started after a sinus infection in Feb 05 when I lived in SC. I spent a week going back and forth to the ER By the end of that week I couldn’t walk. I finally was sent to a Neurologist who hospitalized me immediatly and started IVIG. I was paralyzed from the GBS. I spent a month in ICU and another month in a rehab hospital. I got worse before I got better. We recently moved back to upstate NY in July 06. My wife and I are originally from Saratoga. We live in Gloversville now. In September 06 I had a relapse of my GBS and I was sent to Ellis Hospital in Schenectady NY. The ER doctor at my local hospital had me transported there because he said it was the best one in the area for neurology. Stick with this website because it really helped my wife and I get through this. If you need to just talk to someone about GBS. I’ll pm my phone number to you. You can hear it from the side of the caregiver, my wife or from me the patient. If you want to meet with us face to face we can do that too. Here’s wishing you the best.:)