Dragon software helps tremendously

July 16, 2009 at 3:05 pm

I have had the cramping and distortion off my feet for many years, but it is just starting to affect my hands. The numbness and tingling in my hands has been progressing over the last few years and because it was worse in my right hand (my mouse hand) I suspected carpal tunnel syndrome in combination with my CIDP. Because my job is mostly computer-based, my office provided me with Dragon software. They also provided me with a coach to get it started and set up a program with four hours of phone consultation included in the contract. I find that it works quite well as long as I keep up with the dictionary and user files. The program works with your voice to learn words and inflections, and the investment of time spent setting up the program makes the difference.

We still don’t know if I have carpal tunnel syndrome or not… I know my right hand still hurts worse, and seems to get worse when I work on the computer. But I also have this symmetrical numbness and tingling that goes along with CIDP. I have been very honest with my supervisors — but they just want me to be able to do my job and do not care whether it is a pre-existing condition or caused by my work. Either way it is exacerbated by my work which makes this a legitimate claim.

Over the years that my feet were denervating, my husband and I were fascinated by watching the distortions. It was like there was an alien sharing my body. I had to wear a brace at night that held my feet pointed up or the cramps would drive me to dance madly around my bed. Currently my feet are numb from the knees down, and I rarely have those spasms. I do find that magnesium, calcium, and plenty of water seem to help lessen the symptoms. But nothing ever takes away the pain. maggie