Dr. Brown

August 4, 2008 at 8:01 am

Hi Linda,

I am pleased to finally hear the only feedback I have heard so far on Dr Brown. He does appears very knowledgeable and commited to getting to the bottom of things. I do believe he is watching and waiting for my benefit. So far he has not done anything to make me want to leave his care. When listening to all the different accounts of those, it is so true that nobody even comes close to similarity with symptoms. There is no doubt that lumbar surgery affects your legs by trauma to the nerves during the procedure. I believe that in conjunction with the CIDP just make the problems more pronounced. We can’t blame all I have wrong on the possibilty of a failed back surgery as some may think. I had double microdiscectomy on the LH side. Had previous eppidural that caused double foot drop. Inflammation, in legs EH, severe facial and both arms numb, Demyl. plaque on brain and dead sural nerves with demyl in both legs. Once I get result of HNPP, I’l have clarity on my treatment options. Thanks Linda!!