Don’t know why!

November 26, 2008 at 8:54 am

Don’t really no why Tim! Prednisone with me though has actually helped my case! Without it I would be mush! I guess it depends on the patient. Each person is different and what might work for one doesn’t work for the other.
They gave me IVIG Rituximab yesterday and that made me sick as a dog! Still have the darn headache from it! I’ve been popping pills like candy this morning trying to get rid of that nasty migraine. And am getting ready to cook Thanksgiving Dinner! Ohh boy! Not going to be an easy day for me. So that drug might not be what I want to take if it’s going to make me this way!
Hope your Thanksgiving Day turns out to be nice one. Rest and be lazy that day! Hugs Tim! Good luck!