Doesn’t hurt to see the specialist and RULE THINGS OUT?

March 7, 2010 at 6:44 pm

This past year I’d had a serious injury and was bed ridden for over a month! Let me tell you between that ‘bed rest’ and a long surgery? It took a loong while to recover ‘control’. Things are truly better now? I believe the five hours+ under anethestics likely was a factor..can’t prove it tho. Your body acts/reacts to such stressors! I’m on track now tho, you can be too! With some help.
But between the stress of the surgery, injury, recovery and just trying to LIVE? It wasn’t easy at times…. Timing is everything? From ‘liquid and solid intake to outake’ and when what might ‘hit you’. Not to mention? Possible consequences…it’s the loss of self, pride and independence hits you where it hurts most. Now that I am ABLE to walk w/a cane to the ‘facilities’? It makes it soo nice! I wish this for you soon as well.
Let the specialists determine what if any damages are done? And maybe there are meds or exercises that can help. Could be simple? Like a UTI? or more complex such as autonomic…but get tested FIRST then sort out the worry or coping factors. That’s what specialists should help YOU with. Expect it and ask for ways to ‘cope’!
YOU and only YOU will know what works or not? But some things don’t work RITE away! Just like our meds. Keep a secret diary and track such things and see if there is even a little bit of progress. BTW? I’ve grown to HATE the crinkle of Depends! No longer wear them, but HATE that sound.
Keep faith and hope always!