Does IVIG make your sweat smell

March 30, 2008 at 12:11 pm

[QUOTE=Dawn Kevies mom]Julie,
So sorry you are feeling awful, although I have never felt this pain, i experience it every month with Kevin. We too are going to try some tweaking one more time, and then explore the possibility of the solumedrol, or gammunex. I really don’t see how gammunex will make a difference compared to the gammaguard, as they both use glycine. I guess it is worth a try! Try to hang on and remember how strong you are after the treatment and how far you have come pre ivig. Hope you are feeling better soon!

My husband has asked for Gammagard the last two treatments. No more headaches and no more fluid retention. He had been getting very puffy with the Gammunex. So I guess the type of IVIG one uses depends on one’s bodys reaction to it. He has never noticed a smell to his sweat, but he does sweat more than normal. I would suspect an ammonia smell is somehow related to kidney function. Diabetics having a ketone smell to their breath when experiencing a reaction.