Does anyone know more about the symposium then what was in the last issue

June 11, 2006 at 6:28 pm

I need to know a few things such as cost, where it is being held and is there rooms there that we all are going to have. As I already have to start saving big time for this as I am on financial assistance I am needing prices. Is there any discounts availible, so on and so forth. I just am trying to get things together I have a friend helping me out with the money and is going to come along with me to make sure I am OK and everything goes smoothly, he is really helping out that way.:confused: 😉

Physically I still am having problems walking . They have me do it in the paralllel bars but half the time I don’t get much farther then 2 lengths on my good days. I did a lot better before my foot spasmed up. I am wondering when my foot spasmed up like that is that a relapse or just unforseen cercumstanses. Has any one else had spasms like this? Just a question…

I am doing fairly well other wise though I think I could be tiring myself out with the amount of activity I have started picking up. So such is life hope all goes well for all of you and praying for you who are struggling as things do get better eventually.