Doctors too can be ‘hostages’ to their training?

December 27, 2009 at 8:09 pm

I never EVER go in and cite web sites, unless I [I]think[I][/I][/I] there mite be some reception to a legit comment. Then only do I cite the NIH or the FDA regarding meds or research going on….but then I’ve had the same neuro for 5+ years? I always get ‘raised eyebrows’ about some of the stuff I cite as I know it’s from impeccable sources and he can find it easily IF he remembers….I simply hope the ‘eyebrow’ thing is a ‘durn it I MISSED THAT’ sort of brow lift?
However ‘training’ dictates how they start treatments…Steroids? IVIG, PP? Meds? you name it, HOW they are taught and their experiences in that training are key as to HOW any doc is going to treat YOU! Some are flexible in their viewpoints, others are NOT. I tend to avoid those who are not either flexible and/or curious. We have complicated medical issues – a sort of ‘Who’s on First?’ sort of set of problems….They are NOT easy to sort out.
I try to get neuro appts as early in the morning as possible…that way there’s less likelihood of delays w/other patients as I’m as organzed as I can be when I go in with a ‘list’ that has major and minor issues to be addressed if there is time. I’ve never felt hurried by this neuro, and I know IF I’m late in seeing him? He’s spent more time w/someone who needs it even MORE than I do! And, yes, the doc might have ‘lost a person’ on his morning rounds…a thing which would but a blanket over any persons’ day in my opinion. I accept that all. It’s part and parcel.
When a doctor says ‘no pain’? I keep a very tight and firm [white knuckle] grip on my cane[s] and try hard not to swing!
Keep at it! Yes, do please, keep at it! The right doc IS out there somewhere!