November 3, 2006 at 11:02 pm

Hi, You’re probably right about playing sports but he is 50 now(45 when he got GBS) and he is so tired after working all day(6-7 hrs)that he goes to bed by 7:00. He used to hardly to sleep but not now. He lives in a normal world but he is disabled! All the guys at work can go play golf, hockey etc. and he has to pretend it doesn’t bother him. He can’t get out out of the wheelchair unless I help him transfer and he can’t use his hands. It takes us 2 hrs. to get ready in the morning and then at night we have fun things to do like bowel care etc. so we really don’t have much free time. How will your boyfriend hunt? does he have use of his hands? Life would be so different for us if Bob could use his hands, oh well we weren’t dealt those cards! Thanks for the reply.