Do you suppose….

January 1, 2007 at 9:45 pm

…that GBS is going to run its course over 3-4 weeks and then it stops progressing? So, as I read the posts I wonder if the treatment that each of us used was really that effective in some cases. Why does IVIG work for some and not others? Why 70%? Could it be that the GBS was going to stop on its own….thanks to our body? I kept my progression down with supplements, but it did stop after a month. The neurologist said I was in the beginning stages (I could barely walk) since I could hold a cup. I got out of the ER and continued on my supplements. Is the IVIG really working or did some get it at the end of the 3-4 weeks? There is some risk in any invasive procedure. Sometimes we have to recover from the remedy.
Another question I have is …….Do you suppose that some get permanent axonal damage due to the Physical therapy being done too soon? Or too much? I tend to use my intuition with my healing and I think that if the communication/ nervous system is not working, why walk?Exercise the muscles other ways. I learned from another thread that the PT told them to crawl. I wondered why – even though that is what I have been doing! My guess is that crawling programs our brain in some way. Didn’t they use it in a child’s proper development. If you miss that stage, it gives learning difficulties. Does anyone have any ideas?