December 1, 2009 at 1:10 am

These are allergic reactions–not autoimmune or GBS reactions. If someone has an allergic reaction like this, it happens soon after getting the shot.

The vaccine made for Canada is different than the one made for the United States in that the one for Canada has an “adjuvant” which means an additive to increase the immune response to the vaccine–to make the immune reaction stronger so that, hopefully, the protection to the flu works better.

Only one batch has had an increased incidence of allergic reactions. A lot of different batches have been used.

I am not minimizing that no one wants any reactions to happen, but do just want to gently say that they are really talking about short term, non fatal reactions in this case–not what many of us have faced. This is a very different immune reaction being discussed with an very different mechanism of action.