July 2, 2008 at 9:23 pm

In preparation for tomorrow, think or write down for each of your list of symptoms details maybe in a table with start (about when it started), duration (how long it persisted), frequency (if it returns), severity (how bad is it), change (has it changed over time), and modifiers (does anything make it better or worse).
Since you do not know the new doctor and how well he/she handles lots of details, ALSO make a list of the three things that most worry you, the things that are the worse, and the things that most affect life. You could also star or mark these on the table, but this allows you to say it all and give perspective about what is most important to you so that does not get lost in the details.
Since you are dealing with a lot including really important things like swallowing and breathing !!!!, also think about pushing to be admitted in the neurologist is not sure of an exact cause and also maybe getting seen while in the hospital by a rheumatologist.
I have another thought, is there any chance that you have been exposed to chemicals or “poisons” against weeds/animals/insects?
I hope all goes well for you and that you get answers.