Depends on what chemo? But not a lot…

December 17, 2010 at 6:52 pm

I’ve been on ‘post cancer chemo’/post surgery hormone suppressants for BC for a few years now, but not the real ‘CHEMO’ you are getting!
IF nothing else? The IVIG should likely help you stall some cancer developments [there have been very few studies in this area-tho] and could at least help you keep UP your immune system a bit as chemo treatments can wreak havoc in your system, Even tho most chemo therapies are very specifically targeted? Some side effects can and do occur. Good and bad.
For me? My having had IVIG the year before I was diagnosed made a big difference in terms of the tumor being: ‘well contained’ and almost ‘tame but large’. I also believe, tho it’s not proven? That the IVIG helped fight possible infections after surgeries. I came back from each surgery [both very invasive] better each time, than the docs expected. To that? I give all the gold stars to the IVIG!
As far as CIDP being ‘cured’ because the cancer is ‘cured’? Can’t say, one set of med issues sets off one of those Rube Goldberg like sets of domino falls. Going every which way, and all down?
PLEASE know or expect that after chemo itself? You will be taking what they call ‘post cancer treatment medications’…essentially ‘chemo’ pills of the nature that tends to suppress what your particular cancer feeds on.
CIDP nerves can only heal IF you eat right [like cancer], supplement right [like cancer] and exercise-or try to [like cancer] with-out let up!
You WILL have good and bad days! As before! You will MAKE progress IF you make it your mission! And you MUST work hard at it! It can and does succeed, I’ve had set backs? But Your attitude to doing the better parts that you CAN do? Make all the difference! You are fighting two battles [As I have-Stress? NOT!] and I know it gets ‘old’ really fast! Just remember? You ARE able to get up out of bed on your own and do ‘morning things’ then get dressed and try and lead a good life! That you can get outta bed? VICTORY every day! Hope and good things!