Depending on the severity of the nerve dmage

August 7, 2008 at 12:42 am

Depending on the severity of the nerve damage they do try different options. Sometimes the IV Pulse Steroids or high doses of the pill form tapering down bit by bit. Pulse Steriods for my Lupus and Neropathy back then in the 90’s helped me alot. Have not done the IVIG’s yet and hope to do so.
Have seen some that do the Pulse Steroids and that helps them and the problem never comes back while others need stronger methods to fight the nerve damage!
What I can’t understand is if you have the B-12 Intrinsic Factor why they did not start you out with the 5 shots the first week, then every two weeks a shot to then go on monthly. That is how I did. But the shots wear out to quickly for me and I do two a month instead. Plus the Bi-Lingual B -12 Vitamins under my tongue each day. Now taking the Folic Acid with mine also.
Normally they start a high dose of B-12 that first week and then taper down. Meaning it keeps your B-12 a certain level. That 3 months might now be helping you much and the B-12 could be wearing off keeping you low in B-12 not getting enough and still causing damage possible.
I think I would talk with doctor about increasing it to a higher level. But still be checked out for other things at the same time. I wish you my best!
Linda H