dear rhomcc

September 29, 2009 at 11:14 am

you wrote, “One side effect of cytoxin is lose of hair, sterility, problems with your stomach, problems with yoru bladder. .”

-hair loss is temporary
-sterility is a possible side effect
-stomach problems are temporary, if at all– and they have meds for it
-they use Mesna to protect the bladder

ryan, i’m afraid to say, sounds very ill to me. i was as you describe him, and worse. only prednisone improved things… to a point, and at a cost.

in my 1.5 years of cidp, i have axonal damage– in fact, i had it quite a while back… ryan is likely to have it too if they can’t back the disease process off.

call me if you want to talk– i have a sense that ryan and i present our cidp similarly… 415-279-0237
or contact me through skype if you have it: ad0237