Dayton Support Group Meeting

April 19, 2009 at 5:03 pm

I am not sure where you live in Ohio, but if it is anywhere near Dayton, you might want to come to the Dayton Area Chapter of the GBS-CIDP Foundation Support Group to be held on 5/9 noon to 2 pm at the Samaritan North Health Center, 900 North Main St, Dayton Ohio. The topic will be plasmapheresis, but the other times this group has met there have been lots of attendees including several parents and childhood GBS/CIDP survivors and it has been people friendly so that people can tell a short history of their/their child’s course and also ask questions of the doctor(s) attending. It is planned, if time, for people to separate off into subgroups so that they can ask questions and discuss topics with others with adult GBS, adult CIDP, and childhood onset GBS/CIDP. I do not know how they will subdivide out, I am just guessing on this. Although this is outside of my state, it is the closest support group to my home and has been definitely worth attending each time. Directions are easy. Take I-70 to Dayton. At exit 29 turn South onto Rt 48 and go 1/2 mile. Samaritan North is on the left.