Dawn, I’ve been trying to find that out…

May 8, 2007 at 9:53 pm

myself.. The best thing you can try to do is call all the 800 numbers of the meds prescribed and ASK. Then be prepared to be even more confused. I say this because I am currently being treated for four conditions. The big one of course for me and how I feel is the CIDP. I am also being treated for those other issues.
I found that each medication by itself…creates ups and downs in a variety of blood report numbers. There is little research as to what any Medication A PLUS medication B could/can do to any of us. Find out what the numbers are for each company…and give those phone numbers to your doctor[s]… It is the responsibility of the medication manufactuorers to report what they deem ‘adverse’ or ‘unusual’ reactions to the FDA…Call them as well. Somehow doctors themselves except for the really best of best, do not report side effects not outlined in any given drugs scope of side effects. However, each specialist deals only with the issues in their area of knowledge and not necessarily that of other issues and med’s actions on their own area. Give them [the doctors] the phone numbers, let them have their staff do the notes on a+B+C happens to equal a very bad D? Better from those folks than from you…we do not speak this type of technical speak. We should not have to. Your instincts are right in asking and searching. You have every right to! We are a very small portion of the human population who have very specialised and peculiar problems, needs and also reactions to some of the things that are supposed to make us better.

Because I developed another immune issue, I called each and every one of my medication providers. Every single one said they would be MORE THAN HAPPY to talk to any doctor who asked them questions about interactions thru trials and later reports. Each and every medication added to treat us, and IVIG can affect the liver [that’s why we get tested!] broadening any doctors knowledge about how other medications affect it all is a good education for all of us.

Honestly, you are not the only one confused! I am not and will never be a chemistry type person. I wrestle with it all trying to understand it all. I hope with all my heart that you can ‘get it’ a whole lot more and faster than I can.

But, I am more or less Grown UP! You are: one ..very ..strong.. person ..super hard working for Kevie and everything else. Honestly YOU are far braver and stronger than I ever thought I could be. That makes you special in my estimation…and you will be there whatever!