Dare i inquire about sexual disfunction

August 4, 2008 at 1:37 pm

I am so glad this was brought up. It is of course very personal but needs to be talked about. So far only women except one male has mentioned this. But as a caregiver I am seeing it in my husband. He at first had trouble urinating and now this. I tried to talk to my daughter about it and she got mad (she wanted to have an update and I released that info. She did not feel it was connected or just did not want to hear it. So I am glad now that it has been brought up. I felt bad for him as it does make him feel inadaquate. He will not ask a doc about it, so I did. The neuro should have brought us more info rather than pass the buc onto our family doc. He also did the same thing when it came to asking what to do if my husband got sick while on imuran and prednisone(ended up getting sepsis from being sick 2 times) He said go see your family doc if he gets sick. and then he wondered why he got sepsis(blood disease-white blood count was .6 when I took him to hospital)

Back to the subject: For a male that has to be very hard and of course at first I felt it was my fault. He said he does not even have the desire. Well I said that it’s ok. He is not very affectionate anyway but I told him he still had two arms to hug me. I always have to make the first move but that is ok. I really do feel he will come back in time but I will still try and show affection even if it is just a hug or kiss. It just upsets me very much that docs do not truely help on the subject. Family doc gave him some pills but they did not work either. and unknown to me he had already tried this pill before and doc must have forgot. Husband should have told him.Husband just will discuss it. I will definately ask when we get that 2nd opinion at Cleveland Clinic. It is so hard to do but I will ask

Thanks for bringing this up.I do not really think it is all psycological (sp?) but it is physical and somewhat a mind set to some degree., but not what is causing it. I mean we really do have nerves in other places.Dah And I do not agree that it will start another episode. Maybe that doc just was letting her in some way that it was ok to not try so she wouldn’t feel so bad about it.