November 22, 2006 at 5:47 pm

I really get angry at your friend. This is a real sad story. I will pray for you!

I wish i lived close to you, i would helped you alot and visiting you evey day and talk to you and help you.

Why are people so mean in your town espcially your so called friend that says she pray for you, she got time to pray but not help. I can not judge her but she is not a good christian. Stay strong and pray, GOD is great. Never loose your faith in Jesus.

I live in Sweden or i would help i promise.

Cant the hospitals or some church sends volentairs ?
Call the churches in your city and the hospitals ask them if they can ask people they trust to volentair. You dont live in 3 world country. You live in one of riches countries in the world someone should be able to help.

If someone does not help you soon call media, call Oprah!

I have always thought the americans help eachother alot and are kind.

Ps. sorry for my poor english. I hope you get better and will get out of this stronger then ever. I have PTSD to!