Dad’s recovery…

August 30, 2007 at 10:14 am

Actually, I felt that your father is doing remarkabley well for someone just dx the middle of June. On the respirator & now able to do what he can after just a few months? It seems like the doctors are always telling people they have axonal damage & way too soon. Axonal nerve damage can heal, it might just take a little longer. Remember the statistic that 80% of GBS patients make almost a full recovery. I say almost, because lingering fatigue can be a problem for many. My neuro said I would never walk again, yet I do; he still says I don’t have enough nerves functioning to walk? But your dad seems to have the textbook case of GBS & I think he will continue to heal & walk again. Just remember that nerves regenerate very slowly, so give him a year, or two, or even 3 years to see where he is at.