November 21, 2011 at 6:31 pm

[FONT=”Microsoft Sans Serif”]This is what my friend wrote about his protocol:
[I]Alice just saw this…..
6 months tumeric everyday and no IVIG, my neuro is excied as am I. Actually it feels normal to be normal. I most recently had a cold and then slight cidp will kick in, however, I just keep the curcumin protocol and literally the next dose gets rid of it for me.
Vanessa can testify that it has been a miracle for me
I knew within the first 48 hors that curcumin was working, actually less than that. I can expand further over the phone sometime. Life extension “super bio-curcumin” 400mg. I take 12 pills per day with food; game changer. not the 800mg with bioprine. the regulare super bio curcumin. I’m benching 295 and doing plyometrics and running 5k(twice) and eliptical 3-4 times per week.[/I]

[FONT=”Microsoft Sans Serif”]and… you can get them over the counter or on-line.[/FONT]


July 12, 2010 at 6:57 am

Thanks for the reply. It’s a little difficult to smile when this comes our way. I have been out of work for 4 months now, and can’t go back unless I am at 100%. Talked to Senator Vitter and as a medical doctor he does understand. Trying to work on disability thru S.S. No luck yet, but have gotten him involved.