CSF Protein – Lewis-Sumner Syndrome

July 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm


I’ve had two LP’s over the years, one was 48 and the other 52. Basically high normal. I did however have oligoclonal bands in my CSF, which are a marker for MS, I definitely do not have MS, but O-Bands are an indicator of an immuno irregularty crossing into the central nervous system. Yet, I am assuredly diagnosed with asymetric CIDP, Lewis-Sumner Syndrome. This was confirmed by two universities and Mayo. I have very abnormal NCS, primarily motor symptoms, and am quite disabled for the past five years. I am 45 years old and was approved for full disability by social security upon first application now over two years ago. I find moderate success with IVIG, but steroids were ineffective. So, yes, you can have CIDP with normal protein count, but it does not hurt to get to a teaching university and undergo a battery of tests to rule other causes out. These tests can include nerve biopsy and bone marrow biopsy, among others.

Best of luck to you.