Cost of testing

January 23, 2010 at 9:42 pm

[QUOTE=ukguytemp]thanks mark

I spoke to john hopkins but the tests there are 10 times the cost in the UK. literally 10 times[/QUOTE]

Healthcare in the U.S. is the most expensive in the world! That does not mean it is any better. It is obsured and saddenning all at once. I know that at the Mayo Clinic, they allow you to bring your own test with you. At least my friend was able to arrange that when scheduling her appointment for her MS diagnosis. She was able to take her own MRI’s and CAT Scans to the neurologist because her insurance would not cover any testing at the Mayo Clinic or any of the visit since she was traveling out of state. It saved her over $8,000! She did have pay the doctors consultation fee which was $500 or so. Not many doctors are happy about reading other physicians work, but once you explain that you are a cash patient, they are more open to it.
Good luck!