Constant Pain

July 22, 2010 at 10:03 pm

I too am tired of the pain and also being fatigued, depressed, irritable, and lonely. I sometimes think about the fact that this will never go away and it depresses me. I am married and have a teen daughter and they go out on my husbands motorcycle or do other things that I don’t feel up to doing. I do encourage them to go and live life, why should they suffer because of me. I want this to go away soooooo bad, but so far nothing seems to help. I do admit I sometimes have pity parties and cry and I don’t care what people may think (they usually say the usual, “don’t feel sorry for yourself”). Well, walk in my shoes for one day and see if you feel sorry for yourself. I do get out of this thinking, but sometimes I just need to go there and vent for myself.

Constant pain

July 22, 2010 at 8:57 pm

The pain has been really bad for about a week.
Muscle recovery time from any activity is now several days to a week, but the back-pain is constant. I’ve been trying to out-smart the pain by planning my work to accommodate it. Sit-down work, stand-up work, move-around work. In cycles. With rest in-between.

Got some relief from the pain from the acetaminophen. Hot choc at bedtime and a warm comforter.
Also was able to get outside this AM, and weed my backyard garden borders. I sit on a Rubbermaid footstool, and weed with a hoe, then move around the garden area. Got a lot done, and it looks so nice now. I’ve been so worried that if I can’t keep the place up, the landlord will force me to move. They keep hinting that I should take a place downtown (tiny apartment), but I’ve worked so hard on this place, and I still need the space and privacy for my employment as a music teacher, though I have only a few students left.

Blooming in my borders:
1 ‘Happy Thoughts’ lily with 12 blooms
2 pots of purple Jolly-Jump-Ups (different kinds…windfalls)
A pot of pansies; was one pansy, but I made cuttings (windfall)
4 Shasta Daisies
3 Impatiens: red, blue, salmon
Lamia (pink)
Stella D’Or Daylily
Mother of Thyme (purple)
A big clump of Bluebells (by the tiny pebble-pond)
One pink hollyhock.

The Valiant grapes are enlarging (12 bunches); tiger lilies just starting to bloom. I’m picking a little bowl of rasps every day; the Nanking cherries are ripe; there’s a mocking bird sneaking to them every day to get some. He lives across the street in a tall tree, and sometimes I see him walking across the road, stopping and stealthily sneaking toward my cherry bushes, stopping, then sneaking closer and closer to get some. It’s such fun. He can have em all; I ate several bowls of them, and my taste buds are now so bitter, everything tastes awful. The GBS changed my taste buds; I never know what is going to smell or taste bad next.
Until my next complaint,
Your forum member,

Constant Pain

May 2, 2009 at 1:56 pm

Jeff I also have had pain for the last 3 years since my GBS. My pain management Dr has me on Percocet 10mg and Soma 350mg and a few months ago I had a Nerostimulator installed into my hip and spine. The doctors said that I had Degenerative Spinal Disorder with a bulging disc and 2 discs gone. He also thinks it might have started from having GBS and the weakening of my system. Even with the newest ANS system installed Im still on heavy meds and trying to work. The pain is still there as always and just seems to be getting worse. If anyone has any suggestions I’m free for any help. Like Jeff Pain has become part of our Lives.