Constant Infections

January 27, 2011 at 5:01 pm

I have had sinus and chest infections for so long I can’t even remember when it started. I have had immune issues for a very long time also. Now I have been diagnosed with CIDP as of last year and I have a great Neurologist. But….. He only deals with the nerves and when I have an infection he tells me to get an antibiotic. Well, he doesn’t want to start dealing with that end of it because as far as he is concerned I am getting better with the infusions, cellcept, steroids, etc…But I still have immune issues. So when I got to a regular doctor they want to send me to many specialist, get xrays, etc… I already know if I am sick I need an antibiotic to kill it, but they do not like to give antibiotics because it could just be a virus. Well my neurologist says if I have an infection I need an antibiotic because its dangerous. Regular doctors do not understand CIDP and so I feel like I am stuck with a disease that no-one understands. I have a pain management doc who is great when it comes to my back pain. It is hard to find someone to deal with the rest of it. When I tell doctors I don’t need another x ray or another visit with a sinus specialist they think I am being snotty, no I can’t afford to keep getting tested and have it show nothing. Anybody else?