Compensation in the Courts

January 26, 2007 at 1:02 pm


I haven’t been using the forum for quite a while, especially after all the problems with the site, so no one may even remember me. I won my compensation case or “application” to the program, which took a lot of work, for the reaction I had to a tetanus shot in 2000. It took several years and was verystressful, but I did it. The main thing was the paperwork…I kept a journal and a table of my symptoms and how they progressed every few months. The law states that the vaccine must leave you physically impaired longer than 6 months and that there is some permanence to the disability. That is what happened to me and severel other people I know, however, I was the only one that won a case. It was all because of the documentation and finding the right physicians. I made sure that “vaccine reaction” was mentioned in my medical files every time I went to the doctor.

The process is long and difficult, however, I would be on the streets now if I had not persevered. If you have all the right things (medical records and good attorney), there is a chance you can win these cases.

Here’s my story if interested: [url][/url]