Comparison IgM and Anti-MAG

March 10, 2009 at 8:40 pm

Just had my appointment with the hematologist today. Results of CT scan were thankfully negative. New IgM electrophoresis results from a blood test today should be available next week.

I asked about a correlation between IgM and anti-MAG. The short answer is that there is definitely a relationship but not a direct correlation. The thinking is that not enough data is available to establish a correlation at this stage.

What was said was that in my case, we need to develop a program to monitor IgM so that we can watch for sudden increases. This would more than likely indicate an increase in anti-MAG.

This was good news to me because of the difficulty and cost associated with the anti-MAG testing. The readily available IgM levels together with neurological symptoms and general health can be used to gauge the need for Rituxan. Because of possible side effects, I will likely decide not to have further Rituxan for the time being…instead opting for the monitoring program.

I was pleased with the meeting today. Also…good news…on Obama’s announcement with regards to lifting the ban on stem cell research.