Come on over to California, Tara…

August 15, 2009 at 5:38 pm

Hi Tara,
With my doctor, who is VERY good, who deals with rare neuro diseases, and neuro-muscular diseases, he is also Chief of Neurology at the local Medical Center. But his office that he works out of, is called, “The Neurology Center of Southern California”, and has a team of 10 Neurologists there, with each Neuro. specializing in one neuro problem. This office also does research on different neuro problems. They have three offices in north San Diego County, and they have a website: [url][/url]
My doctor is Dr. Gregory Sahagian. He has been my neuro for the past few years, and is the kind of doctor you can really talk with, and is very caring.

I remember those tests years ago. But my doctor would trust only himself when it came to those important tests, and he would do them himself. Though, to come up with my final diagnosis years ago, because I had a rare variant, he had sent me to his teacher way back when he was in med. school, who teaches at UCSD, and ONLY deals with very rare diseases. I liked that alot of my doctor, in that when he was stumped, he sent me to one of the top neurologists in the county. But I remember those tests taking 45minutes to an hour. My doctor has one day per week, where he only does testing of patients all day, as the tests take a long period to do.

So, Tara, if your insurance would cover going to another state, grab a cheap flight on Southwest Airlines, and come on over. San Diego County is known as a leader in health research.
Good luck finding a good neuro.