cold weather

December 23, 2008 at 6:52 am

Its cold weather that takes it out of me and real hot humied if there is such a place 75/85 no humidity is perfict. lol but good luck and rem, slow down dont pull a me. cause I crash and burn all time. Guess what wife says is true men dont listen we hard headed. lol but at least I enjoy my self before crash.I give all glory to god for me being alive and being able to do the little things I can,so dont lose sight of who truly is in control and dont forget god so loved us he gave his only son so we could be free.And if he has,nt healed us yet theres a reason.We may be the ones who make enough noise so gov realizes this is disability and does stop some of us from working may be this is why? There is power in numbers!!!!!! See we can do some good if we all pull together. Some thing to think about .Thanks for time Jim