February 22, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Hi Stacey,
About four years ago a new neurologist I started to see took one look at my feet and told me I have CMT as well as CIDP. I had the special bloodwork done to try to diagnose CMT, but that did not give a positive diagnosis. The doctor said some forms will not show positive in bloodwork so I could have CMT. Usually CMT is hereditary, but no-one that I can remember in my family ever had CMT. Again, the new neurologist said you can get it when it does not run in the family. When I was told I had a second chronic syndrome, my world spun out of control. The words “you have CMT” screamed in my head for three months. I researched all I could when I was able to read about CMT. I questioned why about 8 other previous neurologists didn’t diagnose CMT, was the new doctor wrong. I reached a very calm point where I chose not to allow myself to think about whether I have CMT. If I do have it, what is in my favor is that CMT moves slowly and I am pushing close to 70 years old.