Clam insistence

July 24, 2008 at 5:19 pm

Kelly, my original appointment with the neurologist was weeks away and through calmly working my way through the red tape (and lots of prayer support) I was able to see the neurologist the next day. Fortunately for me I live near Houston, Texas and Baylor College of Medicine which put a world class department within an hours drive.

I agree with the comments on the urgency of getting in to see a neurologist and that emergency room would probably be useless (from my experience). I was cautioned that I may have GBS when I started experiencing numbness on my face and lips and to go to the emergency room. The staff neurologist (Methodist Hospital Houston) was evidently too busy to make it down to the ER. The attending physician was told through a phone conversation with the staff neurologist to send me home and for me to set up an appointment to see a neurologist. That’s after I had their battery of ER admitting tests, a lot of wasted time and money.

Keep politely pressing your way through the buracracy and administration and try to talk with the medical staff to help escillate your cause.

Good luck and best wishes, 😉