June 11, 2007 at 10:51 pm

I was diagnosed with GBS in 9/2005 after 1 month of symtoms then 2 months later with CIDP. After almost two years I am inclined to go with SIDP. I have kept a record of my strength / numbness / symtoms / treatments for almost two years. I am good at Excel graphs. The graphs show the ups and downs with treatments, recovery, then relaps and slow steady recovery since early 2006. Note: I am more inclined to believe that the syndrome was still attacking my nerves with significants until around December of 2005. I have a web site with all the details and my ramblings.


Though my Nero disagrees; I currently feel that taking Prilosec and Antacids for heart burn for many years prior; thus reducing my digestive acids; helped a virus / bacteria attack my digestive system; thus causing my immune system to react and subsequently with nothing else to do attack my nerves. No real evidence; however, I now watch my diet, only have an early light dinner, cut back on alkeline foods (milk, yogurt, blue cheese dressing, etc) and have stopped taking anything that will reduce the acid in the digestive system. I even take an asprin to thin the blood; seems to help with the swelling of the ankles.

Feeling much better. Stronger every month. Still numb in lower legs and some in hands. I can now go numb by pressing on almost any part of the body; not just when I cross my legs.