cidp and heat/humidity

June 2, 2006 at 10:25 pm

I live an hour outside NYC– and this is [I]slaying [/I]me.

My whole life I never minded hot weather. I’ve been sick (increasingly affected) for about twelve years now, but not until last summer did I ever have a problem. Last year it knocked me for a loop, and apparently it’s going to be a permanent seasonal takedown from here on out. I started IVIg last July– I guess that doesn’t have any effect on this part of the nonsense.

Until late yesterday I didn’t have air conditioning (my furnace cracked in March and the entire system was found to be useless, and they can’t replace condensors until the weather is warmer– when they scheduled for this week it didn’t occur to me that we might have a heat wave this early!) [U]and[/U] the fan in my car (air conditioning, defroster, etc) is broken (that’ll go into the shop on Monday) so no wonder I am feeling so ghastly!

I think I remember trying cool showers last year and they didn’t help (when I’m like this ANY shower makes me sweat (I’m “thermostatically-challenged” too)– and the sweat doesn’t [I]STOP[/I], so that when I get out I can NOT get dryed off, I hate it!) Has anyone tried those wet rag things that you put on your neck? Or any other ideas? I’ve got a fan that I put on one side of my room, pointing out so it draws the air across my bed, that’s pretty good but only for when it’s not [I]too [/I]hot.