CIDP and B-12

November 27, 2008 at 11:07 pm

Gary, I was diagnosed with CIDP in 2003 and started IvIg teatments. My Neuro also started B-12 injections at that time. He said that the B-12 assisted in nerve repair and should be used with the IvIG infusions. I administer 2cc of B-12 every 15 days. My IvIG infusions are now given every 60 to 75 days. There is an improvement in my overall recovery and I am able to work doing most of what is required of me. I’m now 67 and farm and ranch, which requires some physical labor. Good balance is lacking but I’m much better. In addition to that I also inject 1/2 cc of testostrone once a week. So, with the trust I have in my Doc. I would suggest you try the B-12 also.

Panhandle of Texas

[QUOTE=GaryO Houston]I was recently diagnosed with “B-12 deficiency” at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. My initial diagnosis (from the EMG and nerve conduction) was CIDP. Blood tests confirmed the “B-12 deficiency” diagnosis. My treatment is intramuscular B-12 injections once every three months. I have had three injections so far. I was supposed to have seen some improvement weeks ago, but my sensory and motor neuropathy continues to decline.

The question I wanted to post is: Has anyone with CIDP ever been diagnosed as “B-12 deficient” and then later had it turn out to be CIDP?

Since B-12 doesn’t seem to be doing any good, I’m wondering if B-12 deficiency is a symptom and not the root problem.

Thanks, Gary[/QUOTE]