Chronic illness is such ‘fun’? NOT!

April 3, 2009 at 12:52 pm

I guess I was lucky in that I mostly had to deal with this all on my own. My poor DH didn’t have a clue – w/the standard ‘you don’t look sick’ line.
Finding time, place and space to do as Kedaso says LET IT OUT is cruical.
I went thru the whole ‘why me?’ stuff, and cried myself silly..then napped!
I’ve had this all for 6 years now [this is my ‘anniversary month’?] and how I cope now is to try and redefine my life and seek ‘stability’ in any way I can!
Medically, my neuro says ‘I’m Stable’…meaning not getting any worse.
Emotionally? I sort of feel I have to review myself each day as to what all I can do to achieve ANYTHING at all! If nothing’s done? Well, nothing’s done! That is all.
But, I don’t have kids either…and you have got to put ‘cane embarrassment’ concepts on the shelf as you need that cane! Plain and simple. Yes you are ‘different’? But that difference is special in my opinion, you are more sensitive to others and certain needs/aspects that others are clueless about.
I believe others have stated things well. It’s a party that we don’t want to be at? But I’ll bet we can find stuff to laugh at and lots of it.
Hugs and good things soon!