chronic fatigue

June 6, 2006 at 8:45 pm

Bless your heart…being a mom alone can make you chronically tired!!!!

I am going in remission from CIDP. I’d like to say I’m healed and this will never come back, but I’ve been reading a lot of this website and it looks like I better be careful.

I was dignosed with chronic fatigue 18 years before I cane down with CIDP. I think it’s a precurser to many diseases.

I take anitryptline for migraines…it helps a lot. I dont’ feel depressed, but I’m better than I’ve been in four years.

Try B12 shots to help with fatigue. Try resting a inbetween activities. I start dinner early adn warn up when everyon’es home. My best part of the day is 8:00a.m. until,3:00 p.m. Then it’s all down hill.

Exercise will also make a huge differnce in how you feel overall.

Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:o