Chrissy! You mentioned Cats

August 21, 2008 at 6:53 am

Hmm! Maybe that is why I have 10 cats lurking around my homefront. LOL! We have a building in our backyard for them and it is heated and air conditioned with all their toys along with a screened in porch. But we keep two in the house at all times. Every week we grab two and bring them in and give them special attention. So they all get to come in the house and be our loving pets. My husband goes out every morning and drinks his coffee and plays with them and I will go out once a day to play with them. Then my husband comes home from work and visits them again. But in the house the two inside get all day attention. All were abondoned kittens that needed special attention. They are my babies. Think they are human and act it too! I have them toilet trained too which is great. No more litter boxes to clean! I keep sanitizer in my toilet and flush several times a day! No more nasty cat litter smells or cat litter spills on the floors.
One of my cats used to jump in that litter box and whe she does she has to dig and sling the mess everywhere. Can’t just jump in the box and go mildly. She throws the stuff everywhere. Miss Messy!