Children Support

September 2, 2008 at 6:14 pm

Great idea. I have a totally different story. My daughters were both grown & have children of their own. I have four beautiful grandchildren. My oldest daughter is an RN, works in oncology, She had me diag. before we ever went to the hospital. I thank God for her everryday, because of the early tx. I think I was spared the whole ventilator thing. Getting early tx. I’m sure slowed the rapid progression. In exactly one week I went from numness & tingling in fingers to not being able to walk. Thank God for Heather. Tiffany is also in the health care, she works in x-ray specials dept. I was in a Hospital 1 hr. from my home town, but where Tiffsany lives. The girls brought the kids to see me as much as poss. That was my safety belt and gave me the strengh to go on. And God I needed that!:)