Chicken Pox

May 3, 2008 at 11:40 am

Yes I agree. It is unusual to get it more than once but it does happen. My grandaughter got it 2 times. My daughter-in-law was expecting and I wouldn’t let my grandaughters family come to see them while visiting with us. My son-in-law swore she did not have them but I stuck to my guns . I was able to see them before my company came plus they took her to the doc and yes she had them. She did have a mild case first time.

Also, my husband got the shingles very bad about 6 months after he had started symptoms of cidp. He said the shingles came later but it sure did not make sense as shingles can cause cidp. And yes it can also happen due to stress which we were building a house at that time and had problems with the builder never showing up. I would not be around someone who is sick at all while you are taking steroids. Even just getting the flu can knock you down harder if you have an autoimune disease. I would think being on ivig only would help you if you came into contact with someone sick but definately not chicken pox. I did not get the shingles when my husband had them but my 8 month old grandson came down with chicken pox after visiting with us even though my husbands shingles had not shown up until they left.