Cheryl, Kelly and John have

November 18, 2007 at 5:51 pm

lots of good basic advice. Something to ‘web’ up and check out about your own medical plan is ‘policies+procedures+IVIG’ I bet you will find out a lot about what diagnostic tests must be passed before IVIG is used for a CIDP diagnosis. Also web up ‘Policies+procedures+CIDP’ as a cross reference.
As for costs? With my insurance plan, one has to meet what is called the ‘Catastrophic Deductible’ usually between $3,000-$5,000 a year in what you pay for stuff…Once you meet that amount, the rest should be covered -for some plans [mine included], for others tho you have to pay some sort of co-pays and they can vary widely…very widely. So, essentially you usually get ‘hit’ with the big bills right after the holidays in the new year, every year! As time goes on tho, you just automatically plan for it.
I would also suggest that you web up ‘IGLiving’, a magazine put together by IVIG manufacturers to inform folks like us about IG and all it entails. I was very surprised to learn that I am one of a very large group of folks [especially kids] who truly rely on and need this blood product. Access to their back issues on-line is free, the issues are informative and provide heaps of resources about IG makers and other resources.
Lastly, you mentioned concern about your blood sugar numbers? There are two ways to dilute IVIG IG for infusions: One is a saline mixture, another a sucrose mix. You should really read up on this stuff by checking out the different brands and then discussing this at length with your prescribing doctor. I do better with the sucrose mixes, I find the saline give me more side effects [headaches, flu-like stuff] and I’d get one really bad taste in my mouth after the first hour of infusions-it would last for days. I am borderline hyop-glycemic and on the sucrose, I have had no bad effects. But, each of us IS different. In every way, we each act, react differently to this stuff. Learn as much as you can and learn to ask questions. By the learning and the questions you can save yourself a lot of hassles later on.
Sure hope this all helps!