Checking in with everyone!

December 30, 2008 at 10:45 am

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Foxflower, it’s been a month since posting and I am all so curious to know if you delivered early again or went full term? How was the whole process? I sure hope that everything went well and/or will go well for you and the new little one. Boy/girl? Names? Are you sharing? How has recovery been post the PG? I wish and pray the best for you and your family as you proceed on this additional adventure!:)

As far as my journey. The sickness persisted too long if ask me. All in all that for the most part has passed. My appetite is not real good but I manage to eat what I need I guess. Not too anxious to put on ANY extra weight after what I gained of being immobile for months last year and the extra pounds being on Lyrica. I still have the fullness feeling and they are not sure if that is related to scar tissue from where my peg tube was in my stomach…even the doctors continue to learn about GBS after it’s hit. I am really happy to report that my residuals have not gotten any worse being off my Lyrica (of which I plan NOT to resume post PG) nor any worse as my pregnancy progresses. Two ultrasounds…the baby is a mover and a shaker and appears to have developed normally….MIRACLES! I am still amazed that this time last year I was still acutely recovering and here I am today….expecting. MIRACLES! Enjoying the movement I feel each day. My three year old will be such a good helper and a wonderful and loving big sister. She knows that when our snow melts the baby will be here…had to give her some kind of time frame during this long wait for her.
I will admit that I am nervous about how my body will handle this again and if my GBS will be triggered and all. I just keep praying and stay a little naive about it all. I pray that I still continue to recover with each passing year. Although I have accepted the residuals I do have and that I will never be where I was condition, muscle, strength, and balance-wise…I certainly feel blessed I am able to be an active participant, able-bodied as I am, in my children’s lives. Even though they can beat me in a race…how humbling 🙂

At any rate…please continue to keep us posted on the PG endeavors. Blessed holiday season to you all!
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