Changes in Nail and Skin

February 10, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Before I knew that I had CIDP I began noticing changes in my skin and nails. The nails became brittle and had very obvious ridges in them. My big toenails curled under on the sides and finally painlessly feel off. They grew back but still look weird as do my other toenails. I started having rough patchy areas on my skin along with wart-like areas and skin tags. This is quite alarming to me because I did not even have acne as a teenager. Now in my late fifties I start developing these things. Since my CIDP diagnosis last summer I am wondering about the auto-immune response in these areas since I realize that a person can have more than one auto-immune disorder at any given time.

I know a nurse practitioner who uses the Vicks salve on her feet every night. She believe in it.