Cellcept not working

January 25, 2008 at 11:30 pm

Hi Ashley,
Now concerning bowels, I am a bit of an expert. Hubby has had lots of trouble with constipation over the past few years probably related to the CIDP and he tends to get a little overly focused on that issue . I found that the stool softeners were critical on a regular basis in the beginning until he added Metamucil capsules (4 per day) to add fiber and bulk. But the biggest benefit was adding probiotics three or four times a week. The best were Udo’s Choce Super 8 Hi-Potency. No complaints of constipation since routinely taking Metamucil capsules and Probiotics.
We have horses and they have a delicate digestive system with colic being life threatening to them. Our thoroughbred had frequent gas and impaction colics until I added probiotics to her routine as well. It was a family physician that gave us the advice to add probiotics to my husband’s routine.