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September 14, 2006 at 10:08 am

[b]If I have had GBS in the past, should I receive influenza vaccine?[/b]

The incidence of GBS in the general population is very low, persons with a history of GBS have a greater chance of developing GBS than persons without such a history. Thus, the likelihood of developing GBS is expected to be greater among persons with a history of GBS than among persons with no history of this syndrome. Whether influenza infection or influenza vaccination might be causally associated with this risk for GBS recurrence is not known. For persons known to have developed GBS within 6 weeks of a previous influenza vaccination, avoiding future influenza vaccinations may be prudent. Other persons with a history of GBS are likely to be at increased risk of complications from influenza disease. The established benefits of influenza vaccination probably justify their receipt of annual influenza vaccinations.

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