causes of delirium

August 6, 2007 at 10:03 pm

Hi Dreamseeker….just a thought after reading your post and that your spouse is no longer on the vent. Have they checked y blood gasses? Disorentation, psychosis, hallucinations etc., are often the result of an infectious process or too much carbon dioxide in the blood. Make sure your spouse’s doctors check out each of these if the mental confusion is still there. From experience with my mom when my mom came off the vent. She could pull in enough oxygen but wasn’t strong enough to push out enough carbon dioxide. Sometimes coming off the vent everyone focuses on the oxygen but doesn’t check the carbon dioxide. She was steadily building up CO2 and became very psychotic. Too much CO2 = mental confusion. They check the blood gasses by drawing blood from an artery, not from a vein. Hope you guys are doing better. Hang in there.