Cause of GBS/CIDP…

May 20, 2006 at 11:03 pm

I was originally Dx with GBS on in April 4th of 2002, & told I was the mildest case of GBS they had ever seen. But by April 27, (even though I had had 5 PP)I had virtually become a quad, but never comletely paralyzed, although I did lose all feeling blow the neck. It wasn’t until the middle of May that Mayo changed my Dx to CIDP, when I had had 5 IVIG & was still getting worse. For CIDP this was considered a very rapid onset, as well as an extremely severe case.

The consensus at both hospitals was that my CIDP was caused by an upper respiratory infection (walking pneumonia) that I had battled all that winter. So I disagree that CIDP cannot be caused by an infection. Jules, has your doctor given you a sural nerve biospy, an EMG, or a spinal tap to rule out CIDP? Because if it is actually CIDP, then there are so many more options for treatment, than just labeling it PN. But as long as you keep improving I guess what’s in a name.