Ca vs US

January 29, 2009 at 7:45 am

Hi Brenda,

These are all good topics here. I work for a Canadian company and know alot of folks from Canada and people within our company have CIDP, GBS and MS. To me and talking to them, the treatments are protocal.

There is Global Posting going on here and many of the heads of their Neurological locations work across the aisle and with respect to other Medical
Practice’s for other countries. They all try to do what works the best for the patient.

Your particular experience sounds unique as is most of us. I would be careful of the signs of relapse, especially if you are in the CIDP category or somewhere inbetween, because it is sneaky stuff. Never out of the woods, especially with CIDP.

We all hear about GBS patients later redeveloping symptoms and then get labeled into the CIDP category, and many with added conditions like Lupus and many other conditions as the body changes over time. this may be your situation. –Good Luck–